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A strengthening, successful journey, inspired with the love, acceptance and support of well wishers and the design fraternity of India. Based in JABALPUR, a city that is a catalyst for the study of all aspects & fields of Design, THE IDA is built to create truly design adept professionals, within an encouraging, supportive and nurturing environment. Great education in design and art made possible through the fusion of environment and the ethos and contributions of a dedicated, innovative, energetic, empathetic and experienced academic community; working hand in hand with responsive students keen on questions, exploration & discovery. Laying a foundation of education through an interdisciplinary and interactive learning process the INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY integrates and unifies contextual values and contents of local knowledge systems within emerging modern concepts. INTERNATIONAL DESIGN ACADEMY further seeks to instill entrepreneurial and collaborative skills in its students. IDA takes pride in combining the zeal of emphatic thought leadership with social sensitivity , in its attempt to transform students into the budding design leaders of tomorrow.

I believe your future pathway can begin with one of our courses that fulfill your needs. We look forward to welcoming you as a student of the International Design Academy.


In the large arena, our collaborative alliances with Global partners international universities and the industry are projects,internships, placements and progression, which not only ensure employment for IDA Alumni but also help them develop social skills and professionalism to carve a niche for themselves in the world IDA Awards UGC Certification and validation for its design programmes.

Comprehensive information on a broad range of Degree, Diploma and certificate courses are offered which are structured to incorporate progression routes towards jobs as well as the exploration of potential for further study both in India and overseas.