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Fine Arts Course

Diploma & Certification

Fine art refers to visual arts that are created primarily for beauty and meaning.


The course provides a wide range of exposure to students on various styles of painting including portraiture, landscape, still life, printmaking and life drawing.
It also enables students to grasp the concept of pipeline production in 2-D and 3-D animation with additional knowledge of drawing and painting. Intensive workshops are given to the students for every art form.


Fundamental of Arts


This is an introductory course to visual arts. The content covers a variety of areas such as drawing techniques, painting, sculpting and ceramics. Students also learn about art history and visuals art careers. The course is prerequisite for advance art classes. Students that receive a “C” or higher in the foundation of arts may take more advance art classes.



Not limited to drawing only, this course stresses learning and improving drawing skills using various media- pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels, etc. students improve their ability to visualise and draw shapes, forms and spatial relationship using “visual clues” and linear perspective. The course also includes the study of the element and principles of design and history of arts with the emphasis on drawing.


Crafts / Jewellery

Any craft you can think of is fair game for this course. Each student required to do one glass crafts, one clay craft, and assemblage, a textile or fibre craft, a craft involving moulding, or carving, a “surface treatment” craft, a papercraft and a jewellery project. Of option is offered in each of these categories.



Not limited to painting only, this course stresses creating colour works using various painting media- tempera, watercolour, and acrylic. Students experiment with a variety of painting approaches and styles and paint on a variety of both 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional surface. The course includes the study of the elements and principle of design and history of art with the emphasis of painting.


Sculpture / 3D Design

Sculpture and ceramic are the primary subjects of this course, but a unit on architecture is included. Students explore the elements and principle of design and history of art as they relate to sculpture, ceramic and architecture. The execute sculpture project in clay, paper, wood, plaster and mixed media and a variety of ceramic projects. The architecture unit includes research, drawing and model constructions.


Course Duration: 11 Months


  Sketching (live and portrait sketch)
(watercolour, pencil colour)


  Clay art






  Wall art

  Print making



(Pencil, charcoal, coloured pencil)

(Watercolour, Poster colour, oil colour)

  Madhubani Art

  Mandala & Kangra Art