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Modelling Course


‘Nothing worth having was ever achieved without an effort’

We at the IDA- International Design Academy, with an aim to find the best talent, with proper training and grooming, build professional models and help them go accept and further go beyond their limits!


IDA takes a 3-month batch and enrols the best of individuals with unique individuality and in this 3-month tenure of training and grooming take up.


Topics Covered


•  Ramp Walk And Cat Walk Training

Ramp walk and catwalk training, which will be taught to them by the best in the industry. Not just walking, but the proper way to connect with the audience, right posture and most importantly the right attitude required on a runway will be imparted.


•  Fashion And Portfolio Shoot

Per day, two individuals will have their fashion and portfolio shoot, where right posing techniques and correct facial expressions will be worked upon also giving time to the other students to observe as well as give their inputs while the shoot takes place.

•  Wardrobe And Styling Session

In a wardrobe and styling session, proper ways to dress, style, look according to the occasion, a way to do the makeup, as well as the hair, will be taught by the best in this line.


•  Life Management

In order to be a good model or an actor, the utmost important thing is to be a good human being. So, to stick to that, we will be giving our new bees life management, self-confidence as well as bestow them with lessons that can help them make it big in this line.


•  Fitness And Nutrition

The proper focus will be given to fitness and nutrition, and according to every individual’s body structure, a proper diet plan will be prepared, helping in making you a physically fit person


•  The Mind And Soul

Fitness of the mind and soul will also be our focus. And that will be achieved by the daily dance, stretching and meditation sessions that we will conduct on a daily basis


•  Etiquette And Communication Skills

Proper Runway techniques, model etiquette and communication skills will also be worked upon during the training.


•  Acting And Observation

Our institute does not believe in restricting to just one line so, in order to stick to that, we will also be taking up acting sessions, ways to face the camera, correct observation as well as improvisation techniques, playing basic acting as well as mind games helping our students grow as individuals.


•  Beauty With Brains

Modelling or acting is just not about a pretty face or a good body. Everything in the industry is judged and demands a good personality and beauty with brains. Therefore, there will be classes conducted to improve the IQ and give them basic knowledge of what’s going on in and around the world.


•  Performing Art

Methods on how to crack and be a part of famous Reality shows on Indian television will also be instructed to our learners.


Course Duration: 3 Months

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