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Director's Word

Mr. Arijit Dutta

MD – IFM Academy, IDA, and IMB Kolkata.

Mr. Kuntanil Das
CEO, IFM Academy, Siliguri Darjeeling

Partner – International Design
Academy, Jabalpur

It’s a proud moment for all of us at IFM Academy that we have associated with the prestigious Istituto Di Moda Burgo and International Design Academy. This association will bring the International Design syllabus to the doorstep of the deserving students of the North East. The ultimate focus of this association is to give our students the Global experience in Design Development in every possible manner and also help generate employment to cater the International Brands.

An educational institute is not just about classes and classrooms but about building character, enriching minds, and experiences that last a lifetime.


IFM Academy of Professional studies aspire to lead the field in commercial education, preparing innovative, environmentally, and socially responsible citizens who positively impact society and are deep-rooted amongst the masses.


‘IFM Academy of Professional studies’ prepares students for careers in design and allied fields. Forward-thinking faculty, administration, and staff are committed to the purpose of facilitating an understanding of human-centered design with a grounding in liberal arts traditions, values, and critical inquiry. Design Institute provides an inspiring, creative, collaborative, and student-centered learning environment while preparing responsible and thriving graduates who apply their knowledge, skills, and abilities to enrich the profession, the environment, and the global community.

Institutional Goals:

• To provide students with a professional course of study that strives to meet the highest academic standards for design education.
• To ensure students make connections within and across disciplines by offering them a creative arena in which to develop necessary skills.
• To encourage students to consider design in the widest possible context while fostering a realistic understanding of their responsibility, role, and potential, as professionals who will improve their community, the nation, and, finally, the current and future condition of the world.
• To bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing a range of opportunities to interact with professionals in design and allied fields.