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Director's Word

Mrs. Geeta Nagrath

Mrs. Geeta Nagrath started this venture in August 2011. IIGLS LUDHIANA is a leading designing institute of Ludhiana offering Diploma Degree and Master Degree in the field of FASHION, INTERIOR, TEXTILE & BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT and many other skilled-based short courses. She has been an instrumental force in launching variegated education programmers that would make homemakers financially independent.

Director Geeta Nagrath integrates and Unifies contextual values and contents of local knowledge systems with emerging modern concepts and bringing transformation in pupils into the budding design leaders of tomorrow.


Mrs.Geeta Nagrath started the IIGLS venture in August 2011. Programs which runs under IIGLS brand specially designed by keeping all the age groups in mind to make them financially independent. IIGLS amalgamate and Unifies contextual values and contents of local knowledge systems with emerging modern concepts. IIGLS provide Grooming programs, to boost the student’s confidence by organizing fashion shows, exhibitions market survey. IIGLS takes pride in transforming pupil into the budding design leaders of tomorrow.


In Director Geeta Nagrath’s words , she has constantly updating the content and teaching material according the latest requirements and the demand of industry and to be competent to modern education system . Director Geeta Nagrath disclosed about the USP’S of her institute , Where the “students from Ludhiana go to metros and other big cities of our country and abroad but according to her, her own city Ludhiana is the hub of hosiery industry should be upgraded in standards of teaching methodologies. We have a fast growing economy, world renowned brands and education manpower.” So she took it up as a challenge to open an institute in the city which could prove to be a catalyst in the enhancement of the educational infrastructure of this ever evolving city. She has transformed many lives and has provided the means of financial independence to large number of students, particularly women. Someone who’s firm believer in empowering women, Geeta Nagrath is doing a lot for the society as a whole. The management skills that they garner under her mentorship should make them successful entrepreneurs both in India and abroad.

Ludhiana Campus


1st FLOOR, Red Cross Society, Adj. Rotary Club, Deepak Hospital Road, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana.

Phone – 8968499982